Wow, after changing bank accounts recently it has made me realise why some people think it is too much hassle.

After closing my old account and opening a new one I have found myself with no cheque book (it’s in the post), no internet banking (it’s in the post), no telephone banking number (received it but it doesn’t work!)  and now they have blocked my card by mistake.

All of this now means I have no access to any cash today (Sunday) and can’t buy anything online either.

It makes you realise how comfortable things can get and why we often don’t like to change things like utility providers etc

I have my reasons for changing accounts and am still glad I did but it can be very frustrating when you have to wait. Like many things it shows how we can take things for granted and only know how good a service is when it is taken away.

So today I am having a ‘no cash’ day, no shops, no coffee and looking for ways to convince my local petrol station that I am good for the petrol and can come back tomorrow (Monday) with the cash 🙂