BBC News – Q&A: Snow chaos in the UK.

Whether the airports should have done more is a question for another time. Whether the highway agency should / could have done more is also for another time. At the moment in the Uk there is no doubt we are seeing weather that we haven’t seen for a very long time.

I would imagine the people in charge of airports, highway agencies etc we’re probably out playing in the snow the last time it was this bad in the country.

The news reports of people in airports, train stations etc have been pretty sad. People looking to get home and see their loved ones for Christmas and New Year. No doubt a feeling of panic can set in as we get closer to Christmas but still no sign of travel.

Then there are the people at home, looking to get to work, and back again. Getting shopping for Christmas has become a real challenge.

There is NO DOUBT that people are facing major challenges at this time but as I often say in my courses…

In life pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.

Whilst sitting in traffic, at home, on a train, in an airport remember that putting any energy into wishing it WASN’T happening won’t change it.

Decide instead to look at what YOU CAN do to make that moment enjoyable, bearable etc.

It’s not ideal, we all know that now but sometimes mother nature just shows us how strong she is and how unprepared we are. We don’t have a ‘right’ to travel. Sometimes we just need to do what we can and enjoy it. I would love to see a news report showing how people have got that spirit to make their situation as enjoyable as possible. Often times when the chips are down, human’s are at their best.

Have a safe Christmas and New Year wherever you may be this year and let’s hope the authorities have taken notice on how to plan and communicate better to their customers when things like this happen again.