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Over the winter months walking my dog was pretty much a solitary thing. Not too many people ventured out into the rain and the cold and those that did did so head down and moving too quickly to stop and chat.

Since the spring arrived followed ever so slowly by the warmer weather I notice how busier my dog walking route gets.

Along with warmer weather comes lighter evenings and this in turn brings out the kids and young adults (13 – 17 year olds).

When walking my dog I notice how freely the youth of today use profanities and swear words not even quietly but sometimes at the top of their voice.

I recall one time walking along when a girl aged around 11 – 13 shouts, at the top of her voice, over to her ‘friend’, “Oi, you Fxxxkxxg cxxt”.

I was really taken back by this especially as I was only about 10 feet away when she did it and she knew I was there.

Luckily I stand at 6’1″ tall and so I guess command a certain amount of authority (it also helps I have my trusty German Shepherd dog with me) so I felt comfortable advising her calmly and quietly that this language was NOT acceptable.

She muttered something under her breath but didn’t answer back.  I have seen her since and every time she keeps quiet.

I wonder how long it had had been (if ever) since she was last actively challenged by someone about her behaviour.

Impact of this

I am hoping that maybe the next time she is about to use foul language she may recall that there is a consequence and that someone else may take exception. Future employers would and so would the police.

I have done the same thing a number of times both with language and once stopping a fight with some local boys. I now always stop and have a chat with the boy (15) who was about to get beaten up.

I am aware that I am confident, I hold a black belt in Karate, I am tall and most of all I have my German Shepherd with me, but it is important that if you notice a behaviour or activity [in the environment you live in] and you don’t like this then you have a choice. What are you going to do about it?

You could take direct action but ONLY if your own safety is not at threat, you could call the police, you could even move to an environment that is better for you. There is ALWAYS a choice.

I hope that my actions with the kids in my area which are polite yet firm, listening yet not always accepting will plant the seed of good and give them the opportunity to believe they can be good regardless of peer pressure.

So what can YOU do about situations you don’t like? It could be home, it could be work, it could be the kids, your siblings in fact it could be any situation.

You can decide to do something about a situation you don’t like or you can moan about it.

Either way you are part of the solution or APART from the solution.

Keep making the right choices for yourself and those around you.

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