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BBC News – Do the poor have a right to live in expensive areas?.

It’s an interesting headline to say the least but the article content clarifies it somewhat. With house prices the level they are and people unable (or unwilling) to work, is it fair that people have to move away from some areas because they can’t afford it…

I live in Poole and have my eyes on my next house in Sandbanks… only trouble is that it costs approx £2,000,000. Does this make me ‘poor’? I guess it depends on what you compare it to.  Do I have a ‘right’ to live in Sandbanks?

No is the answer, I don’t have any right to have anything in my life unless I work for it and make it happen myself. Sure it’s ‘not fair’ that some people have more money than me…but surely that would also mean it’s unfair that I have more money than other people.

If you want something in life the only way to get it is do something positive that EARNS you the ‘right’ to have it. Nothing should be handed to you. Yes a society should help its most vulnerable people and that is only right and proper. But it doesn’t mean everyone who is ‘poor’ can move in with the Queen (not debating whether she ‘earns’ her money at this point).

If you want something in life, then do what you have to do to make it happen. We can make excuses about our own special circumstances but there are many people in this world who were at rock bottom and they decided to do something about it and turn their life around and they earn the right through positive actions rather than moaning about life circumstances.