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….If you don’t now what it really is.

Positive thinking can often get misunderstood. As a proponent of positive thinking people often think of me as someone who sees the ‘good’ in everything and lives my life in some Walton / Little House on the Prairie way.

“When things happen that are not nice, I look on the bright side and always have a cheerful look on my face.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth. It is important to not let little things constantly get to you. Things like the weather, work, kids, traffic etc. But there will be times when things happen and you simply cannot, in that moment, think of anything ‘positive’ about it.

Just before Christmas I learned my dad, who has just recovered from cancer, has now got lung cancer. When I put the phone down after hearing the news I certainly wasn’t leaping around the room being all ‘positive’ about it. This was bad news and I felt pretty sad and even shed a tear or two whilst keeping the news from my kids.

The power and benefit of positive thinking however meant that I was able to ‘process’ this news and respond in a more empowering way rather than allow the news to dominate my mood and drag me down to a place where I am of no use to anyone.

My dad, mum, wife and kids need me to be strong and putting too much energy and focus into wishing things like this didn’t happen would not change the reality of the situation. What really mattered was how I chose to respond.

Using positive thinking techniques I have accepted the news and as a family we are doing what we need to do to deal with this situation.

I have known friends over the last 2 weeks who have also had devastating news and no amount of positive thinking will take away the pain. But using positive thinking and TIME it can help end ‘suffering’ and being a victim to the event and allowing it to dominate the future.

In life pain is inevitable but suffering is optional

I hope that when you face challenging times in your own life you have the right mindset to deal with the event and I know from experience and practise that being a positive thinker BEFORE I ‘needed’ to be has helped me deal with this news.