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This week in UK we have been lucky enough to witness the, now annual, spectacle that is, Britain’s Got Talent. Simon Cowell’s talent show that uncovers some incredible acts, all hoping to be win a place at The Royal Variety Show and a serious amount of cash.

I believe America’s Got Talent starts next week (here on ITV 2 anyway)

This week it has been semi final week, (how you can have 5 semi finals is beyond me but I digress) with 8 acts a night performing and then two acts going through the LIVE final on Saturday night.  We have a dancing dog (Go Chandi) which personally has my vote, singers, a fantastic dancing duo who you have to watch to believe (Twist & Pulse), Spellbound who do stuff that really shouldn’t be possible and a comedian / impressionist who is ACTUALLY very funny.

Alas though as well as 10 finalists we also have 36 acts that didn’t make it past the semi finals. As I was watching this week it was interesting to see the body language when the results were announced and they realised the dream was over. Tonight after the final we’ll have another 9 acts to add to those that are disappointed they didn’t win.

They’ll be tears for some and graceful acceptance from others. This is actually the first year where I haven’t got a clear view on who will win. I was wrong last year though as I thought SuBo AKA Susan Boyle would walk it. Of course though, she didn’t. She came second.

This is where hope plays its part for the future for the acts that didn’t win. Does NOT winning equal failure? NO. It means only what it means. That being, you came X place in a competition called Britain’s Got Talent. Anything more than that is just a thought.

Susan Boyle came 2nd last year but has gone from strength to strength with her own profile and career. Finishing further down the rankings are Stavros Flatley. An act that captured the nation and are still going strong.

So how can all this help you in your life? It is a great metaphor to remind us that whilst there are disappointing things that happen to us like:

  • not winning BGT
  • Not getting that promotion
  • Not getting the job offer
  • Not getting a pay-rise
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • and so many more

They are just what is happening at that moment. It doesn’t define the future it only defines right NOW. Sure it is OK to get disappointed but it’s how you respond to this news that matters.

Whatever happens tonight does not guarantee success [or failure] for any of the acts. It’s what they do next that matters.

Same for you, whatever has happened, has happened. You can’t change it and wishing it hadn’t happened is just a waste of time. Decide what you are going to do to take advantage of the situation you are in.

Keep making the right choices for yourself and those around you.



p.s. Vote Chandi the amazing dog (with Tina)