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Two days ago my PC in the kids playroom stopped working. It’s still being repaired as I type this.

My stepson (10) was always using the PC to look on kids websites, play games and use other audio recording software. When it broke he was obviously upset as it meant he can’t do what he normally likes to do.

But when one door shuts another one always opens, sometimes we just need to look for it. The very next evening instead of going on the PC as always he went to find out what he COULD do instead of focusing on what he COULDN’T do.

Searching through his massive array of other toys and games, he ended up playing Connect Four (Spongebob version :)) with his older sister. Today he has been building some electronic gadget he got for Christmas last year.

I recall thinking that he has demonstrated a great attitude when one door closes. it is to look for what you CAN do now instead of focusing on what you can’t do.