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Snow, Ice, Thaw, Hot, Too Hot, Rain, More Rain, Snow, Ice, Christmas

That was 2010 in nut shell for me…

So what does will 2011 hold? and will my goals be helped or hindered by events I have no control over?

What about YOU?

Some people will make their new year resolutions tonight, wake with a hangover tomorrow and with the best of intentions, try to live by these resolutions for as long as possible.

  • Give up smoking
  • Get fitter
  • go to the gym more often (that wouldn’t be hard as I hardly went after March this year)
  • Be happier
  • stop moaning
  • get perfect job
  • get perfect partner
  • etc etc etc

The challenge with this is that when LIFE takes over and we settle back to our routine, it is easy to continue the habits that we so want to break out of.

Life will throw things at us that we can’t control and then we revert back to OH WELL maybe next time (maybe NYE Dec 31 st 2011).

Do remember that your new years resolution should account for HOPES, DREAMS and WHAT YOU DO WANT but also a plan for what your response will be when things don’t plan out as hoped.

I don’t ‘wish’ you a great 2011 because things will happen you have NO CONTROL over. Whether it’s the weather (always good to moan about :)) your boss, your partner, the kids or even a traffic jam when you are in a rush.

2011 will hold challenges as well as great times and it’s up to YOU to choose the best way to respond.

I wish you the best mindset for 2011 and ensure you enjoy the journey all the way to Dec 31st 2011. That IS in your control.

Until next year 🙂




I was driving home last night and for the first time since summer it was dark, rainy and cold. Not only that but the traffic was really heavy and there were roadworks no matter which route I seemed to take.

As I was sat in traffic I noticed how frustrated I was becoming, my thoughts turned to getting home and then having to take my dog out for a walk in the rain and then she’d get all muddy and then the house would get dirty and I’d be tired….blah blah blah… Suddenly… with these thoughts running around my head I realised that I was forcing myself to be in a bad mood.

I felt rubbish and yet the feeling wasn’t changing any of the triggers (weather, traffic etc).

So I turned off the radio and put on a Motivational CD about Positive Psychology with Andy Cope. I was fortunate enough to meet Andy at a conference a few weeks ago where we were both speaking. Please do visit his website

It took a further 25 mins to work my way through the traffic and get home but in that time my thoughts were changing to look at life more positively. No matter what I did I knew the traffic was still going to be heavy, the rain was still going to fall and I still had to walk my dog. But I could either arrive home with all that happening in a good mood or a bad mood.

Changing my mood meant I was able to walk in the door and influence a better evening by keeping positive.

I know it is easier to be in a bad grumpy down mood when it’s raining and cold, but let’s face it I live in England and it’s now WINTER time and it will get dark early for the next 4-5 months. So I am going to do what I need to do in order to make my life happy no matter the weather or traffic

What do you do to keep yourself HAPPY during challenging times? and How do you react to people who are just grumpy no matter what?… (As Andy Cope call’s them…Mood Hoovers)

Hello sunshine! The UK enjoys unseasonably high temperatures, but grey skies are just around the corner | Mail Online.


Got to love this headline… A lovely weekend weather wise and the headline says as much. But typically it follows with a negative suggestion that ‘grey skies are coming’.

So after a fabulous weekend we are influence by this headline to think that grey skies are BAD. we’re heading into winter in the UK, the clocks will change soon (watch out of the usual moaning and negative headlines around that).

So should I now be miserable for the rest of the winter as these ‘grey skies’ come in?

I know it is easy to feel happy when the sun shines and it’s warm but what makes grey skies bad?

We can’t change the weather so I’m choosing to be happy and about the weather no matter what and focus on what I can do to be happy rather than be influences to be negative about it.