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When I was 10 years old I recall listening the radio when Kenny Everitt was on. He was running a competition and I had to guess the name of the disguised voice. It was back in the days when you had to send in postcards. No phone in’s, no texting, no emails, this was good old fashioned postcards.

I recall I was convinced I was going to win because I knew who the voice was. As it happened I didn’t win and that was the start of something that I only recently realised would have such an impact on my life.

From that moment on I never bothered to enter any more competitions. Why? Because I felt that there was no way I could ever win. With so many people entering all these competitions, whether on cereal packets, to radio shows, to TV shows. I never bothered to enter them because I knew that I would never win.

The challenge with this kind of thinking is it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and it can impact other areas of your life.

I would always drive to the car parks instead of looking for car parking spaces on the road, because I believed I would never find one on the road.

Of course I never found one on the road BECAUSE I never went looking for one.

With my coaching practice I often challenge the beliefs of my clients to see whether they are limiting beliefs.

I have done the same with myself over the last few years and have noticed some interesting things.

Actually it all started with my wife telling to go and look for car spaces rather than going and paying for parking. Suddenly I started finding spaces. Not all the time but on many occasions I would find the perfect spot.

My wife also started letting my stepson enter competitions. He actually won a big one recently and ended up in a national TV campaign for a range of children toys. He was flown to Manchester and stayed overnight and had a fantastic time.

My stepdaughter, who loves musical theatre, auditioned for shows and started getting the parts.

So would the same happen for me? I started believe that I could win. I put it to the test when recently entering a radio competition. It was a golden hour competition and I rang and rang and eventually got through to the DJ. I won the competition with a family day out at a local holiday park. Not the biggest prize but I have really started noticing that if you belief you can win then you stand a chance.

Entering a competition does not guarantee winning, but NOT entering guarantees NOT winning.

This can be applied to other areas of life as well. From getting that parking space to winning a promotion, or getting that perfect job. It can even apply to businesses looking to develop new products or services.

Anything is possible and it starts with what you believe in.

Is what you believe in helping you or hindering you. If it’s hindering you then start to change what you think you can achieve and reap the rewards for that subtle change in your thinking.

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