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BBC News – Cameron adviser quits over never had it so good claim.

With the government cuts looming, rising prices (especially petrol), VAT on the increase and what appears to be FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE sitting close by (looking at the amount of dark clouds and heavy rain we’ve been having) it’s no wonder people are being influenced to feel like the good times have passed by. Moving from Thriving to Surviving if you will.

So Lord Young‘s comments (a Daily Mail reporters wet dream) about how people in the UK have never had it so good was not really the brightest thing for the Governments Advisor to small business to be saying.

I’m not sure there are many small businesses out there that are saying,”Yeah you know what, this recession was all made up and actually I have squillions of £’s stuffed under the mattress because I don’t trust the banks.”

Many small businesses are struggling in an environment where the prevailing winds are taking us somewhere we don’t want. Towards CUTS CUTS CUTS. I am in favour of cuts, the country’s finances would embarrass any business owner if their own books were in the same state. I am however fed up of hearing how bad it is. Let’s start focusing on creating WEALTH and generating opportunities and stop taking a staring role in our own disaster movie.

So back to Lord Young, yes he was right, in the end. He was right because he stood down from his role and hopefully will crawl back to his mansion and live a happy life, leaving small business owners with the opportunity to work with a government adviser who is not only in the real world but also wants to help people in these challenging times.

When the winds fail…. take to the oars. If you run a small business please do not become a victim of the news reports. These times present you with a great opportunity to be creative and generate income regardless of what the press would have you believe.