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Hello sunshine! The UK enjoys unseasonably high temperatures, but grey skies are just around the corner | Mail Online.


Got to love this headline… A lovely weekend weather wise and the headline says as much. But typically it follows with a negative suggestion that ‘grey skies are coming’.

So after a fabulous weekend we are influence by this headline to think that grey skies are BAD. we’re heading into winter in the UK, the clocks will change soon (watch out of the usual moaning and negative headlines around that).

So should I now be miserable for the rest of the winter as these ‘grey skies’ come in?

I know it is easy to feel happy when the sun shines and it’s warm but what makes grey skies bad?

We can’t change the weather so I’m choosing to be happy and about the weather no matter what and focus on what I can do to be happy rather than be influences to be negative about it.