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Jobless couple demand bigger home for family of eight (and all their children are named after celebs) | Mail Online.

Personal responsibilty really needs to start by noticing when you can’t support yourself anymore. I’m not sure I accept that the dad, who want’s to be a tatooist, [what’s stopping him?] should wait for his ideal job whilst happilly taking money off the state. I’m sure the 6 kids didn’t happen by accident and if they are unable to look after all their kids then maybe some should be taken into¬†care and looked after by someone who can.

The only thing stopping them getting the house¬†they need using their own money is the fact they’re not prepared to go out and earn it. The world doesn’t owe you a living or a life, sometimes you just have to go and make it happen yourself.

I wonder what type of message their kids are getting about the world and what they need to do to be both happy and successful.

It seems that success for the parents is having lots of kids, demanding a bigger house and then contributing NOTHING to society themselves.