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Earlier this year I decided enough was enough and I joined a gym again after a few years away.

After spending my 20’s and early 30’s being incredibly fit through gym workouts, kickboxing and karate it all went wrong shortly after my divorce. It was an easy excuse to stop working out and I did.

As time went by and my waist size increased slowly but surely I finally decided it was time to get back into the buzz of working out.

I joined a gym in February and went 4 time a week and it was becoming a habit. I enjoyed the workout and as well as getting fit I had time to subconsciously work through life’s challenges without actually focusing on them. The DISASTER struck.

I had to have my wisdom tooth out in late March. Anyone who has had a wisdom tooth removed will know it is a ridiculous amount of time before you are able to do anything, including eating.

So after getting back into the habit of going to gym, I was out of it again. During the few weeks where I was unable to go I recall saying to myself, “as soon as I’m better I’m going straight back.”

So here we are in June, my tooth pain a log distant memory and my gym membership still waiting for some action. After playing tennis for the first time in 24 years last weekend (and aching for the next two days) I have decided TOMORROW is THE DAY.

I have packed my gym bag up, put time in my diary and I will be hitting the treadmill and cross trainer.

It can be so easy to THINK about doing something, but actually it’s doing it that counts.

So what have you been putting off that you know deep down you want to do.

Take action today and keep making the choices that help you and those around you.