Quick blog post as I realise that my 2011 blog posting is looking a bit sad.


Over the first three months of this year I have been working some incredible people and seeing major changes in their personal life and business success.

What has been the difference this year though from last year and the year before.

The people have still got the same knowledge they had before, they still have relatively the same skills as well. (although this is increasing daily too).

The difference is in their mindset. Suddenly despite all attempts of the negative events that can impact us all (and there are some pretty big ones so far this year) people have been focusing on possibilities. What COULD happen if we wanted it too enough?

Prior to this, peoples mindsets were sitting on limitations. Not doing anything because it might not work . But with a little awareness, the right knowledge and some powerful action suddenly people have turned their situation around into what is possible.

The only reason that success and happiness will not come to you is because you are rooted in your beliefs that it CANT come to you. But if you choose to accept that where you are may not be where you want to be and then take ACTION… Your whole life can change.

It can be scary, it can feel uncomfortable but what good is comfort to you if it = unhappiness and unsuccessful?

So take bold steps forward, decide where you want to be and go and make it happen… time is ticking and there is no time like the present..


Keep making the right choices for you, and those around you