BBC News – Pirate Johnny Depp makes surprise school visit.


You know, every now and again someone who seems to be beyond the reach of ‘ordinary’ people do things that make them amazing.

Take Johnny Depp, a global superstar, woman want him and men want to be like him, who received a letter from a girl in a school asking him to pop along for their pirate themed day.

It would be easy for him to dismiss this and carry on with his superstar lifestyle yet Johnny decided to do something different.

Not only did he appear for the pirate theme day he even turned out in costume and character of Capt Jack Sparrow.


This will be a day the kids in that school remember forever and they also learned a special thing that day. That nothing is impossible, If you ask you may just get. It doesn’t guarantee it will happen but asking makes it more likely.

Well done to Johnny Depp for doing this and well done to the kids for even asking.